Shiva Reborn XL Tapestry

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This tapestry is a little under 6ftX6ft and is a digital design by artist Jameson Bonnd.

-This tap has 4 sturdy grommets in each corner for quick and easy set up.

-Beautifully sublimated material that wont fade in the wash or the sun.

-Each purchase from out shop helps to plant 15 trees and helps us to continue donating to the ASPCA, Green Peace, and the Xerces Society!

Shiva is the sacred being most associated with the process of simultaneous destruction and creation, long before modern science realized that energy is never lost or destroyed but simply transformed into a new state, Shiva was embodying this concept for spiritual seekers the world over. Shiva is one of the principal deities of Hinduism and is featured in spiritual teachings reaching back over 12, years. Shiva is known for being the Lord of meditation, arts, yoga, and dance.

In honor of Shiva we have created this extra large tapestry entitled Shiva Reborn. Shiva teaches duality of creation and destruction and thus complex yet simple inner workings of reality.