Our Journey

We are an eco friendly, spiritually inspired independent clothing and design company. Beginning in the summer of 2012 a group of artists came together to create a company devoted to creating affordable organic clothing with an emphasis on the common spiritual and metaphysical ties that are universal and built into the fabric of existence. Discovering these sacred symbols, unlocking their meanings and letting them rematerialize again reborn for a new generation of seekers. Utilizing the powers of The Flower Of Life, Om, Metatron's Cube, Merkabah, Ganesh, Buddha, Shiva, Tree Of Life, Crystal Healing and even aromatherapy and by learning all we can from every spiritual master and enlightened person the universe brings us we strive to create a balanced and progressive business the whole world can enjoy. Our organic clothing is made in the USA and we do the majority of our screen printing by hand in our art studio. 

We love collaborating with artists! Our artists come from a variety of cultural backgrounds and places, we are a global community with artists from Mexico, the USA, Australia, and Europe. With the talents of such artists as Melanie Bodnar, Justin Chamberlain, Raytheon Dunn, Gusherz McCrusherz, I am electric, Adam Riddle, Tim Guthrie, Rachel Blasi, Clinton Hurst, Arden Bring, Poskone, Danny Fernandez and counting. Message us with your collaborative concepts! 

Traveling has always been a major part of what we do, we began our journey with nothing more than a blanket and some handmade crafts we created connections and discovered an underground world just waiting to be explored. From our first festival to the selling our art on the curb outside Richmond's hippest bars to our residency in Austin and then finding our family roots within the Grateful Dead Community touring with Further, Phish, String Cheese, and then finally finding our niche within the transformational and electronic festival communities we have been doing our best to shine a light wherever we go.

We hope you like our work and will join us on an epic journey towards nirvana, oneness, and enlightenment.