Meet The Artists

The Enlighten Clothing Co. Artist Collective was founded in 2012 by artist couple Justin Chamberlain and Melanie Bodnar and has continued to grow into one of the most geographically diverse artist collectives in the world. Pulling inspiration from all over the globe with artists in the US, Mexico, Sweden, Great Britain and Canada. The path to spiritual enlightenment is different for everyone and we are proud that our artists and their paths are as unique as their creations are inspiring. To follow up on any of the artists featured in the collective just follow the links provided in any of their listings or see below for a detailed list of who we are currently working with!


Melanie Bodnar

Melanie (one of the original artists and founders of the collective) was born near Portland Oregon USA and comes from a long line of naturally talented artist. Melanie's medium may change but her creations are always jaw dropingly beautiful. See more of Melanie and her work at

Francis Merlyn Doody 

London Artist Francis Doody is no stranger to precision if you couldn't tell by his illustration work, as most of his art is done in the flesh! As a popular tattoo artist Francis spends most of his days creating one of a kind designs that his customers wear for life. Fantastic art and with a progressive vision for the future Francis is an artist worth following! See his work at Or if your in London anytime soon go see him in person at Shell Adore Tattoo

Raytheon Dunn 

East Coast (USA) artist Raytheon Dunn joined the collective in 2016 and has continued to create and even teach artwork in a variety of ways. Raytheon plays lead guitar and vocals in his band Reverie Dreams in the VA Beach area. Check him out on his instagram at

Travis Garner aka I Am Electric

Travis Garner is an artist from Commerce City Michigan USA and has been cranking out amazing artwork at a steady pace since before we first met in 2013. Travis is a wonderful illustrator, painter, and does amazing 3D pieces that you must see to believe. To see more of his work check him out at

Miguel Posk Montano Martinez

We met Miguel when our journeys brought us to Mexico City for EDC Mexico, while strolling the most beautiful artist market in the most beautiful garden our eyes fell upon an artist who's work was much different than the other artists. Where most of the artists painted realistic, romantic vistas, Miguel's work was other worldly and dark yet full of whimsy and creativity. Take a visit to a new world through the eyes of Miguel at    

Rachel Blasi

UK artist Rachel Blasi has been inspiring people with her work for years before she joined our collective but likes to keep a low profile so you can only find her work here!

 Glenn L. Thompson 

This Canadian artist has been making big waves in the art community with his amazing geometric artwork. His simple yet dazzling intricate style is simply captivating. See more of this ground breaking artist at