Our Commitment To Progress

We are big believers in being positive leaders in our community and we go through many avenues to try and create the most spiritual, environmental, and socially responsible clothing and accessories as possible. We do this in a number of ways including sourcing organic, buying USA made, and giving a portion of our profits to various positive players in the struggle for environmental and social justice. 

USA Made Organic Sacred Geometry Clothing

The majority of the clothing we carry is made in the USA by LA based Royal Apparel. Royals blank organic tees are 100% made in the USA and are USDA certified assuring the highest quality in organic clothing at the best price possible. Over 25% of the worlds pesticides are used to farm one crop, cotton. The nitrogen run off of these massive agricultural operations has dramatic effects on nearby waterways and the ocean as a whole, nitrogen rich dead zones are a growing issue for environmentalists, marine biologists, fisherman, and every day people who treasure and rely on the biodiversity of these ecosystems. Our bamboo organic tees are not only incredibly comfortable, they also put the worlds fastest growing plant to work. Bamboo grows extremely fast and requires no pesticides or fertilizers. Not only is the fabric long lasting, comfortable, and affordable to produce but it's also antibacterial. Bamboo fabric prohibits the growth of bacteria meaning your clothes smell fresher longer even on the hottest days. 

Carbon Offsetting 

No matter how eco friendly the production of goods are the act of taking from the land, manufacturing them from a raw item to a finished one, and transporting that item to its final destination is of course disruptive to the global environment, but what can be done? We have partnered with a great group to help put back more than we take www.trees.org has been helping companies give back to mother earth for over 30 years. We are planting 15 trees for every item sold in environmentally decimated areas of Africa where thousands of years of farming has destroyed the natural environment and has lead to famine and the decline of the worlds oldest communities. But the good people at trees for the future have an answer! They have been building sustainable forest gardens that are becoming the corner stone in these communities and are teaching a new generation how to create a symbiotic relationship with the earth that will last. 

Green Peace

The fight for climate justice doesn't just stop with planting trees, governmental policies and popular perception make a huge difference in the future of our planet and few organizations are as pro active as Green Peace. We are proud to be monthly contributors to an organization that fights the corporate contributors and profiteers of what some have referred to as an environmental apocalypse. Coca Cola, Exxon, Shell, Walers, and others who might have skated by have been held accountable by Green Peace and their team of activists and we are proud to support them!