Sacred Symbols

The power and mystique of sacred images is something that has captivated humanity since the dawn of time. The sun, the moon, and the natural patterns that are found every place on earth show us that the earth and our entire universe is one of incredible power hidden within organized structures. These repeating fractal patterns fuel human inspiration and creativity and push us to open our eyes to the blinding light of creation that surrounds us. Here I will run down some of our favorite spiritual symbols used in creating our line of sacred geometry inspired clothing.

The Flower Of Life

Often thought of as the corner stone of sacred geometry and the new age movement of the 21st century the flower of life is one of the most intriguing and mysterious symbols that we draw inspiration from in the creation of our sacred geometry inspired clothes and accessories. Found in almost every continent and dating back to its first known occurrence being drawn inside the temple of Osiris in Egypt dating back over 6,000 years. Its also been found in the Forbidden City in China dating back to 599 AD, in the illustration work of Leonardo da Vinci (1500AD), and temples in Jerusalem (15 BC) Creet, and Turkey. Since then the design has appeared in all kinds of places, seeming to almost emanate from the the hidden ethos to teach mankind of the interconnected universe we are a part of. The flower of lifes origins can be seen popping up and spreading all over the world seemingly on its own being beyond any one cultural identity. This universal acknowledgment and acceptance, as well as the physical properties of the design itself has led many to come to see it as the blue print of creation, the mesh structure from which everything is held. Wether true or not is up to anyones interpretation but one can not deny the fact that we are surrounded by geometric shapes and repeating fractal patterns that we can not quite explain. The most obvious is the next topic of discussion.

The Fibonacci Sequence, Golden Mean, Golden Spiral, Golden Ratio

The Golden Ration is physical proof of the blue print of nature, and maybe some would even say a conscious creator. First discovered by Indian mathemeticians over 1300 years ago, the mathematic principal which surrounds  you and even seems to be the reason you exist at all has been used to create magnificent buildings, design clothing, website design, art, you name it and you can use the Fibonacci sequence to make it better. The sequence is as follows, 1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55 It might not seem like much but when laid out you will see an ever spiraling arc that just so happens to be built into every tree brach, every flower, every pinecone, shell, and in fact every single living thing on the planet. to see the fractal pattern for yourself look down at your fingers, you might notice your finger nail (1) is half the size of the finger tip itself (2) if you add the nail to the tip you'll get the length of the next knuckle and bone on your finger (3) if you then add the tip (2) to the middle section (3) you get the length of the last bone of your finger (5) so you get the ratio literally at your fingertips! 1+2=3 2+3=5 and so on, you can continue from the the third section of your finger into your hand and then to your forearm and to your torso etc. the ratio is measurable in your eyes your facial dimensions and almost everywhere else! Anyone can easily use the golden mean to create sacred geometry clothes or design any other item or workspace.


Merkabah or Star Tetrahedron

One of the most interesting symbols in the ever growing story of sacred geometry, the word Merkabah has its roots in a form of Hebrew sacred geometry mysticism dating back anywhere from 2000 to 3000 years ago. It is widely referred to as a "light vehicle" because its believed that meditating upon it can transport the mind to far flung areas in time and space and may even lead you to the throne of god itself. Who knows how many enlightened masters have drawn inspiration from this symbol, its highly possible even Christ had gazed upon and drew divinity from within this powerful and mystical symbol as it is the basis of the Star Of David, the defining symbol of the Jewish people.


Metatrons Cube

Metatrons Cube is another historical design we love to incorporate in our sacred geometry clothes and apparel. Being derived from the basic structure of the flower of life, the age and origins of this sacred shape is a mystery in itself but most scholars would place its unveiling within the realm of early Hebrew mysticism dating back to 1000 BC or earlier. Named for the Archangel Metatron mentioned in early Jewish Kabbalistic texts and known by Mitatrush or the Angel of the Veil in the Islamic telling of the story. The story is that of a man who was the great, great Grandfather of Noah and lived long before the great flood. a man named Enoch, a man who was transported by God or the cosmic force we are coming to understand as god up to a higher plain of existence and through this was transformed from human form into an Angel of the highest regard. We create our sacred geometry artwork to remind ourselves of the people we were and the people we hope to be transforming into.


The Seed Of Life

One of the most common symbols in sacred geometry the seed of life grows into the flower of life, the tree of life, the fruit of life and Metatrons cube. There are seven circles in the seed of life, seven is a reoccurring number in our society, and even in many cultures stories of our creation as in the 7 days of creation in the Christian Genesis story. “Let there be light!”