Organic Sacred Geometry Crystal Ratio Tee

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Cool and comfortable this navy colored tee with gold print is comprised of 70% bamboo and 30% organic cotton. Why Organic? Dangerous and toxic pesticides are used in the agricultural production of conventional cotton so much so that the textile industry and cotton specifically accounts for 25% of all pesticides sprayed on our fields today. Why Bamboo? Bamboo is naturally pest resistant and needs no chemicals to protect its valuable resources. Bamboo also grows quickly in wet marshy areas meaning no additional water is needed to grow massive amounts. Made in the USA! Our tees are proudly made here in the US, reinvesting in our communities and following the worlds highest standards in environmental care and quality of life for the awesome people who help make this green tee a reality.

This tee is entitled Crystal Ratio and was illustrated by enlighten clothing co. artist Melanie Bodnar from Portland Oregon USA. This design features the Golden Ratio also called the Golden Mean, Golden Section, Golden Spiral, Fibonacci Sequence, Divine Proportion among many more names. This naturally occurring sequence has been used since ancient times in everything from mathematics to art, architecture, philosophy and even quantum physics. Recreated in this illustration amongst a natural setting of vines and crystals this shirt is designed to inspire stable growth and balance.