Unicorn Magic Essential Oil Air Freshener

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This is an all natural,handmade air freshener perfect for your car and or home! This bundle includes
.Mountain Sage
.Dried Chamomile flowers
.Dried Lavender
.Palo Santo
.Selenite Wand
.An assortment of dried flowers.
.And an extra mini bottle of Unicorn Magic  Essential Oil. When hanging up the essential oil will slowly defuse through the cork.
The Unicorn Magic Essential Oil is blend of Tangerine, Chamomile, Jasmine, Rosewood, Lavender, and Lilac Essential Oils.
*The mini bottle is permanent and secured into the air freshener. The heat of the car causes the essential oil to naturally soak through the cork, very slowly re scenting your air freshener!*
Each bundle comes with a stretch cord at the end so you can fit it around your rear view mirror!

This bundle isn’t just great for an all natural air freshener, the items used in these bundles rid your area of negative energy and brings on positive vibes. A great gift for one who travels!