Ankh Pendants Handmade Clay And Crystal

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Handmade Ankh pendants using crystals, wire and professional grade polymer clay.

Each piece is one of a kind, Hand crafted and very lightweight. 

1- Number one is lightly dusted with natural glitter (mica powder) and has an Amethyst point at the end.

2- Number 2 has the flower of life laser etched onto it with an Amethyst point at the end and a little patina effect painted all around the pendant.

3- Number 3 was painted to give a rust effect to make it look old an ancient. It has a wrapped faceted Garnet in the middle and a Quartz point at the end.

4- Number 4 has a wrapped Moonstone cab with beautiful fire and rainbow pyrite at the end. 

5- Number 5 is laser etched with the Flower of Life and has a Quartz point at the end. It also has been painted to look old and antique, but also royal with a copper and purple shimmer.

6- Number 6 has the Flower Of Life hand carved into it. It has a Quartz point at the end and has been painted to give a bright  patina  look.

7- Number 7 is very colorful and textured. It has golds, turquoise’s and purples. This pendant also has a piece of peacock pyrite at the end.