Sun And Moon Chakras Stash Patch

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These patches are an absolute necessity for the experienced light traveler. Great for stashing goodies, such as healing crystals, incense, cash, ID cards, orgonite, and all kinds of small items. These patches were designed to safely hold these items and keep them safe so that they can protect you in your journeys!

These two piece velcro and iron on patches are a great addition to your favorite jacket, hat, bag, backpack, jeans, cargos, vests, capes, or whathaveyou's!

"Sun and Moon Chakras" design by artist Melanie Bodnar from Portland Oregon.

Dimensions- 6x6 inches

1. Find a cool, clean spot for your new patch.
2. Place the patch glue side down on your fabric in your desired location. Pinning it in place.
3. Flip the garment over so you can heat the glue to melt through the backside of the patch.
4. Take a hot iron and place it flat against the cloth covered patch for at least 30 seconds and until all glue is completely melted.
5. LET COOL, test the sides and re-melt if needed.

To reduce the eventual breakdown of the glue (a normal occurrence in all iron patches). Follow these easy steps.
1. Break in the velcro prior to application by joining and separating it a few dozen times, this eases the pull on the glue and makes the patch easier to use.
2. Reinforce the glue side with stitching. Take a needle and dental floss and sew around the outside of the patch to really make sure your patch will work great for years to come.